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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
98% of the Time #1 community, Animal Rights, straight edge
Action! Photozine; #2 Photography, Gainesville, Hardback Cafe
Adventures of Punk Bird #3, The Gainesville, gainesville fucking florida, Punk, punk rock, local art, comics, local, #PUNKBIRD352 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #4: Origins of Punk Cat: <<The Scruffining>> Punk Bird, comics, Cats, punk rock, local, Gainesville 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #5, The Punk Bird, employment, employment alternatives, underemployment 2019
America? N/A Music, Interviews, Collage art
America? #1
America? #10
America? #12
America? #7
America? #8
America? #9
America? 14 Libraries, journal entries, the fest, european tour
At Da Hardback Hardback Cafe, Hyde n Zeke
Click Attack Photography, le tigre, vaginal davis, portraits 2002
Decade of Growth and Change In Alachua County, A Friends of Alachua County 1993
Derby 101 comic, roller derby, gainesville roller rebels
File: R. Hill mental health
Floor Plan
Florida Pines Florida, Pine trees, forestry, ecology, emotions, GNV Zine Fair 2018 2018
Food Not Bombs Zine Gainesville, food not bombs 2005
Friendship Nature, friendship 1989
Fulgurites lightning, Nature, natural environment 2018
Genetic Disorder genetic disorder humor, Satanism 1996
Gorilla Monthly (September 1981) Primal Communications humor, Gainesville, comics, 1980's, News Stories 1981
Here's Where it Started 2004
Isra Rushes Out of the Sandcastle Graphic Art, comics
Kickstand's Basic Guide to bicycle Projects, The bikegainesville@riseup.net Gainesville, DIY, bike mechanics, Bike Coops, Egalitarian
Let's Sew
Limousine #4 movies, film, exploitation films, X, Interviews, riot girrrl, riot grrrl, riot girl
Materialism (and How It Ruined Me) 1991
Mea Culpa poetry, stories
mea culpa Gainesville Poetry 1995
Mono Sun Wind comics, mythology, myths, SAW 2018
Mountain Monthly n/a hardcore music, hardcore punk, hardcore, New York City, Brooklyn, silkscreening, perzine, smoking, landlords 1996
OUCH! You BIT ME... CMZINE Workshop, insects, oddball, Funny 2018
pacho clokey comics, humor, parody 2000
Pick Up Some Litter litter, Environment, Gainesville, local 2018
Reprise Issue 02 Barton, Champe Florida music, dying scene, Gainesville Music Scene, gentrification, GNV Zine Fair 2018, university 2018
Rosary #2
Scam: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Issue! Booklyn Interviews, activism, squatting, articles 2017
Scenery #9
Seek #2 1990
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Sinking Through A Straw: A Florida Picture Book 2008
Skink Pesto #1 fiction, Art, poetry, sex, found images 1991
So-Sigh-Ety: The Environment Issue
Soul Doubt
Soul Doubt #12