38 zines

Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
America? 11: Thanks, Jerks
Anything 1991
CoffeeBreath #1 N/A local, local bands, Gainesville, Gainesville Music Scene 2004
Dirtboy; #5
Gainesville Liberation Orchestra Songbook Gainesville Liberation Orchestra community, songs, sheet music, orchestra
Global Economics 101: Five Things Everyone Should Know About the IMF, World Bank, and WTO World Bank 2000
I would throw stones too. Palestine
Level Playing Field, A: Edition 8 computers, DIY 2007
Limeston #1 Marshall Lowe Gainesville, local bands, Florida music 1994
Limestone #3 Martin, Eric Marshall Lowe Gainesville, music reviews, local bands 1994
Logopolis poetry, Art 2003
Mayday! Mayday! We're Losing Sight of May Day! Haymarket collective May Day, local, Haymarket 2012
Media Disease Society Animal Rights, environmental activism, perzine
mind ya daddy: writings from mid 1995 misogynist, Gainesville Poetry, depression, Sex & Relationships (8070 1995
My Views Change Over Time
New Clear Scenery: No Power for the Little People #5
Poison poetry, collage, Subversive art, Beecome the Media
Prairie: A creative arts journal The Fine Print, hand-bound, poetry, collaborative 2017
PU #5
Sex is Cool & So Are You!: A Sexual Education Zine planned parenthood, sex education, sexual health, STDs, health, health care 2017
Shaft Newsletter #2
Silent Death comic, demons, devil, death 1998
Silent Death: Collector's Edition religious imagery, comic, death, angels 1998
Soul Doubt #2 1994
Soul Doubt #4 1995
Soul Doubt #5 1995
Soul Doubt #6 1995
Square Route #1 Animal Rights, veganism, perzine
Square Route #2
stairway the haven local, Music, bands, touring, Gainesville, summer 2001
Time Has Aged Us All #1 poetry, Gainesville, personal
Timezine vol 1 2017
Urban Companion, The Gainesville, Guidebook
Yard Wide Yarns #2 Tasty Mailorder local, perzines, Gainesville, Personal Stories, Parties, gender, misogyny 1994
Yard Wide Yarns #5 local, teaching, skateboarding, Gainesville 1997
Yard Wide Yarns #5 local, Interviews, Florida punk music 1998
Yard Wide Yarns #1 Tasty Mailorder 1993
Zero to Anarchist In 1.2 Seconds Savage River ABC lgbtq prisoners, prison abolition, prison activism, anarchist, Anarchist Black Cross, activism 2008