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.frontside skateboarding poetry punk
All Workers Are Temporary #1 Racism, Sexism, society, consumerism
America? 11: Thanks, Jerks
America? #2
America? #5
America? #6
America? 15 Interviews, cartoons, Gainesville Fl
Anything 1991
Bear with Me #1 2012
Bells & Cells; #7 Education, public schools, Gainesville Freedom School 1996
Bird Brain Comix comics, Sequential Artists' Workshop, Punk
Brazen Hussy; #3
Brazen Hussy; #5
Brazen Hussy; #8
Brushfire; Spring 2012 nuclear power, death penalty, Occupy, permaculture, Seminole Wars 2012
Burning Flags Ain't Enough: Happy Birthday to Everyone but Amerikkka praxis, july 4th, flag burning, anarchy, anarchism 2018
Caution: No BIG words HERE ---> N/A Feminism, Womyn's Liberation, Queer-negativity
Classified 1
Classified 2
Classified 3
CoffeeBreath #1 N/A local, local bands, Gainesville, Gainesville Music Scene 2004
Devil's advocate Gregg Bellon, Jason Matherne Gregg Bellon, Jason Matherne poetry, prose 1994
Dirtboy; #5
Drinking Sweat in the Ash Age Gainesville
Drool 1992
Fah Q' #1
For Paper Airplane Pilots #3 Music, indie rock, Gainesville, fanzine 1994
For Paper Airplane Pilots #5 Music, comics, fanzine 1995
Friends Make the Best Medicine: A Guide to Creating Community Mental Health Support Networks
Gainesville Liberation Orchestra Songbook Gainesville Liberation Orchestra community, songs, sheet music, orchestra
Global Economics 101: Five Things Everyone Should Know About the IMF, World Bank, and WTO World Bank 2000
Humidity: Stories From the South Florida, the South, perzine
I would throw stones too. Palestine
Into the Great Unknown online dating, sex, dating, romance, long-distance relationship, comic 2018
Level Playing Field, A: Edition 8 computers, DIY 2007
Light and Noise lightandnoise.tv Music, Gainesville, fest, music festival 2013
Like a bowling ball through the door: a personal anthology part two Music, personal narrative, fest, humor, cross country travel
Limeston #1 Marshall Lowe Gainesville, local bands, Florida music 1994
Limestone #3 Martin, Eric Marshall Lowe Gainesville, music reviews, local bands 1994
Mamabear: A Zine for Gainesville Moms children, mothers, motherhood, women's health 2005
Mandatory Prayer: The Art of Idolatry religion, Feminism, Racism, America, society, Relationships, narrative
Mandatory Prayer: The Art of Idolatry religion, Feminism, Racism, America, society, Relationships, narrative
Maneki religion, Japan, Homosexuality 1997
Mayday! Mayday! We're Losing Sight of May Day! Haymarket collective May Day, local, Haymarket 2012
Media Disease Society Animal Rights, environmental activism, perzine
mind ya daddy: writings from mid 1995 misogynist, Gainesville Poetry, depression, Sex & Relationships (8070 1995
My Views Change Over Time
New Clear Scenery: No Power for the Little People #5
No Idea Music, Punk, local, Gainesville, comics 1985
Poison poetry, collage, Subversive art, Beecome the Media