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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
"Hi Friend" Plazm Media Collective storytelling, drawings, Ramblings
"it really happened" comics, Art, oversize 2002
"penmark." poetry collection
13 Years Of Goodluck Beil, Joe; ed., Gaylan-Wilkerson, Dylan; ed., Lynch, E. Chris; ed. Microcosm Publishing collection, publishing, making zines 2009
28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine anarchism, marriage, parenthood 2002
8 Letters knuckle tattoos, tattoos, Interviews
8th Grader; #2 comics, 8th grade, fuckface
A Book: The Story of Stained Glass, A Riddle Troll, and Fluorescent Pink Hair The Writing & Drawing Lab children's art, collaboration, workshops, travis fristoe, lauren groff, erin curry, lauren lake 2011
Action! Four: a sty! photobooth project photos 2000
Alarm, The 2005
All The Days Are Numbered So compilation, collaboration, Punk, punk rock, punk music, DIY 2005
American Girl, The; #3 1999
Baby Nebula; #4 Williams, Allison Fayetteville 1996
Beans & Rice; #6 Corporate Christi Productions punk music, hardcore music 1998
Beyond Gallery Walls and Dead White Men anarcha-feminism 2003
Beyond the Wall of Injustice #9
Beyond the Wall of Injustice Vol. 4 1993
Beyond the Wall of Injustice Vol. 5 1994
Beyond the Wall of Injustice Vol. 7 1996
Beyond the Wall of Injustice Vol. 9 1997
Big Bad Bob Black' A Popular Reality Special Report Bob Black
Birthdays & Christmas/Faking Distance (split) Sexism, bikes 2004
Bitch Nation
Bits & Pieces; #1 humor 1994
Book of Bokonan, #2
Boy Who Cried, The Fable, wolf 2012
Brainscan #24 2009
Brazen Hussy; # 6 1/2 Fargo
Brazen Hussy; #4 1/2
Bread and Paper; #1 Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the fest 2004
Bullshit!; The Hammer Issue female circumcision
Burn Collector; #12
Chickenhead Zine and Roll; #3
Chumpire; #134
Chumpire; #142
Chumpire; #163
Chumpire; #164
Chumpire; #165
Chumpire; #172
Chumpire; #174
Chumpire; #176
Civilian's Guide to Direct Action, A Crimethink
Claustrophobia; 8 Racism, jail, prisoner's rights, Maryland, Baltimore, correctional, male dominance, Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center, Marshal, Unuted Prisoners' Action Coalition, Raymond 1997
Coffeebreath #2 local, RADON, gainesville bands, Gainesville Music Scene, Interviews 2006
Commemorative History of the Minnehaha Free State and Four Oaks Spiritual Encampmentr, A Egan, Elizabeth Marie Earth First!, Minnehaha Free State, Four Oaks Spiritual Encampment
Compendium storyzines, Pal Bombed Press
Contemporary Dude Theory Downey, Ian
Cryptic Slaughter; #12
Cryptic Slaughter; #13 Gainesville