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A Book: The Story of Stained Glass, A Riddle Troll, and Fluorescent Pink Hair The Writing & Drawing Lab children's art, collaboration, workshops, travis fristoe, lauren groff, erin curry, lauren lake 2011
Action! Photozine; #2 Photography, Gainesville, Hardback Cafe
Bear with Me #1 2012
Classified 1
Classified 2
Classified 3
Click Attack Photography, le tigre, vaginal davis, portraits 2002
Here's Where it Started 2004
I would throw stones too. Palestine
mgrn n/a- berkely, ca Photography, music scene, punk community 1997
mind ya daddy: writings from mid 1995 misogynist, Gainesville Poetry, depression, Sex & Relationships (8070 1995
Mono Sun Wind comics, mythology, myths, SAW 2018
New Clear Scenery: No Power for the Little People #4 war, anti-war, political, Gainesville, collage
Salamander #1 1994
Scenery #10
scenery #5
Scenery Zine
Sheer to Waist natural birth control
sideshows. issue 1 Feminism, reviews, Punks, jane speed, slideshows., tampons, jerry springer
Sinking Through A Straw: A Florida Picture Book 2008
Sinmaestros: History and Analysis of Lucia Sanchez Saornil Spanish Civil War, Lucia Sanchez Saornil, Feminism, Biography, anarchism 2016
Sketch to Def! sketches, sketchbook 2013
Skink Pesto #1 fiction, Art, poetry, sex, found images 1991
Smith & The Land Pepper Pie
Wheals on Meels comics, movies, SAW 2014
Yard Wide Yarns #7 Punk, marriage, riot grrrl, book reviews, humorous
Zero to Anarchist In 1.2 Seconds Savage River ABC lgbtq prisoners, prison abolition, prison activism, anarchist, Anarchist Black Cross, activism 2008