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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
Any Time Now Martin, Dick, Murtagh, Pat, Carson, Kevin, Gambone, Larry Any Time Now 2005
Blisters On My Feet hitchhiking, train hopping 2007
Chickenhead Zine and Roll; #3
Chickenhead Zine and Roll; #5
Class Socialization and Public Schools: An Analysis of a Richmond Public School History Textbook 325 Publishing Education, textbooks, socialization. public schools
Complete Control #10 2002
Complete Control #11 2003
Complete Control 4 1999
Complete Control 5 1999
Complete Control 8/ Teenage Death Songs 2001
Complete Control; #2 Richmond
Complete Control; 7 Richmond, Monroe Park Tent City 2000
Complete Control; 8 Collectives. Richmond
Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore #3 sex work, transgender 2014
consen(t)sus: exploring contradictions, practice, and politics. also, gay sex. Gay 4 Pay Press gay sex, consent, queer relationships 2015
culture war, part one: assimilation assimilation, German politics, oppression 2019
culture wars, part two: emancipation Emancipation, activism 2019
"Get Out Alive, Together!" Cooperative Survival for Marginalized Communities community activism, cooperative survival 2019
Ghost Pine Fanzine #11 Crows 2007
Ghost Pine Fanzine #7 Canada, Personal Stories, personal narrative, family stories 2003
Here it is #3 comics, Autobiography, personal narratives, travel, Gainesville, Punk, joey brenner
I'm Johnny and I don't give a fuck 1998
lioness riot grrrl, Animal Rights, personal narrative, Art, recipes, veganism
My Queer Family on Queer Family: Five Interviews Gay 4 Pay Pre$$ queer community, found family, queer family, Interviews 2019
Paralyzed Veterans of America (Eastern); second edition 1994
Pulled Mints
Richmond Zines Richmond queer activism punk 1995
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Slug & Lettuce community, anti-authority, punk ethic, anarcho-punk 2001
Slug & Lettuce #76 community, anti-authority, punk ethic, anarcho-punk 2003
Slug & Lettuce #81 community, anti-authority, punk ethic, anarcho-punk 2004
Slug & Lettuce #82 community, anti-authority, punk ethic, anarcho-punk 2005
teenage death songs/tbftgog5
These Are The Days #3 personal, drawings 2001
They as Hell nonbinary, gender identity 2019
Travels travel, Canadian Maritimes, Maritimes, traveling, travel stories, personal narrative
What to do when you're non-binary, gender queer, etc, etc, etc, but have "feminine" features... nonbinary, trans, Femininity, gender, gender identity 2019
Why You Will Live/Why You Will Die cooperative survival, disaster 2019