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Addie vol 2 comics, Sequential Artists' Workshop
Adventures of Punk Bird #3, The Gainesville, gainesville fucking florida, Punk, punk rock, local art, comics, local, #PUNKBIRD352 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #4: Origins of Punk Cat: <<The Scruffining>> Punk Bird, comics, Cats, punk rock, local, Gainesville 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #5, The Punk Bird, employment, employment alternatives, underemployment 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird, The comics, local, Florida punk music, Gainesville Music Scene, #PUNKBIRD352 2018
Bird Brain Comix comics, Sequential Artists' Workshop, Punk
I'm in a Bad Mood Relationships, drawing, feelings, end of relationship 2018
Into the Great Unknown online dating, sex, dating, romance, long-distance relationship, comic 2018
Magical Medial Mystery Tour, The comics, reproductive health, women's health, ovaries, Autobiography, LGBTQ 2012
Mono Sun Wind comics, mythology, myths, SAW 2018
Moon Phases moon, no text, humor comics, humor 2018
PU #5
Salamander #1 1994
Sam Henderson's Magic Whistle Alternative Press humor, comics 1998
Satchel's Comics
Scenery #10
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Silent Death comic, demons, devil, death 1998
Silent Death: Collector's Edition religious imagery, comic, death, angels 1998
Sinking Through A Straw: A Florida Picture Book 2008
Smith & The Land Pepper Pie
[Stuck.] (fuck.) drawings, life cycle, nihilism, death 2018
Turnpike Divides Loss, funeral, hometowns, New Jersey, suicide
(untitled) "well!" 2003
Wheals on Meels comics, movies, SAW 2014
Yard Wide Yarns #5 local, Interviews, Florida punk music 1998
Yikes! Alternative Press, Inc. 1997
You Are Here. comics, travelogue, travel, moving