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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
10-20-Life...Letters from the cage Prisoner Letter, abolition, incarceration 2000
A Declaration of Personal Autonomy: A Zine About the 2018 Florida Constitutional Revision Commission Abortion, Abortion Rights, Florida, Legislation, activism, planned parenthood, privacy, Right To Privacy Civil Liberties 2018
Bird Brain Comix comics, Sequential Artists' Workshop, Punk
Brisk Walk #3 perzine, local, Gainesville, gainesville politics 2004
even noisy sparrows #5, stories cheek to cheek 2012
Florida Pines Florida, Pine trees, forestry, ecology, emotions, GNV Zine Fair 2018 2018
Fulgurites lightning, Nature, natural environment 2018
Highlighting Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the Sunshine State Abortion, Abortion Rights, planned parenthood, Florida, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, clinic, health, health care 2002
How To Get An Abortion in Florida: What To Expect When You Don't Want To Be Expecting Abortion, Abortion Rights, planned parenthood, Florida, Pro-Choice 2016
I'm in a Bad Mood Relationships, drawing, feelings, end of relationship 2018
Into the Great Unknown online dating, sex, dating, romance, long-distance relationship, comic 2018
iska #3: State & Revolution ska, ska punk pensacola fedora
JuJuGop vol 1 issue 5
Lame-Ass Princess, The sizism, dieting, riot grrrl, body positivity, self acceptance, fat acceptance, fat oppression, fat positivity 1998
Le Jambon McDonalds, personal narrative, collage, cut and paste 1994
Leper Paradise in 3D, A
Let Us Be Your Gardener Anthropocene, fish, Environment, Environmentalism, ecological consciousness, GNV Zine Fair 2018 2018
Level Playing Field, A: Edition 4 computers, DIY 2007
Level Playing Field, A: Edition 8 computers, DIY 2007
Liability Zine #2 Liability 2002
Libel #15/Spirals Upward #2 riot girl, vegetarian, veganism, food ethics, gender, Feminism
Life Time time travel, comics
Like a bowling ball through the door: a personal anthology part two Music, personal narrative, fest, humor, cross country travel
lil sister #5 Anime, personal narrative
lil sister #4 Anime, personal narrative
Limeston #1 Marshall Lowe Gainesville, local bands, Florida music 1994
Limestone #3 Martin, Eric Marshall Lowe Gainesville, music reviews, local bands 1994
litter box, The n/a- coral gables diaries, Diary, Personal writings, road trips, letters 1996
little apocalypses Personal writings, punk rock, gender, Florida, bicycles, Pensacola 2004
living dead #2 Underground Possum Productions 2001
Lizard's Eyelid Lizard's Eyelid band interview, local, music reviews 1994
Lunch Hour Jam Sessions #1 Punk, band interview, reviews, short story 1997
Lust Obsessional: Poems from 2000 Gainesville Poetry, sex, erotica 2001
Media Disease Society Animal Rights, environmental activism, perzine
Misanthrope #7 Punk, punk rock, Prisons, Florida, incarceration
Monsters are Real issue 2 riot grrrl, gender, Sexism
Moon Phases moon, no text, humor comics, humor 2018
Mulch #2 Elizabeth the Vampire Seductress, Brian Deputy of Hell, Mike the Punk alternative music, Florida music, Florida punk music, hardcore punk 1994
Pick Up Some Litter litter, Environment, Gainesville, local 2018
Silent Death comic, demons, devil, death 1998
Silent Death: Collector's Edition religious imagery, comic, death, angels 1998
Sinmaestros: History and Analysis of Lucia Sanchez Saornil Spanish Civil War, Lucia Sanchez Saornil, Feminism, Biography, anarchism 2016
Sketch to Def! sketches, sketchbook 2013
Skink Pesto #1 fiction, Art, poetry, sex, found images 1991
Square Route #1 Animal Rights, veganism, perzine
Square Route #2
star Z #1
[Stuck.] (fuck.) drawings, life cycle, nihilism, death 2018
Trashbugs bugs, lacewings, life cycle, drawings, Environment, insects 2018
Turnpike Divides Loss, funeral, hometowns, New Jersey, suicide