64 zines

Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
America? 11: Thanks, Jerks
America? N/A Music, Interviews, Collage art
America? #1
America? #10
America? #12
America? #2
America? #5
America? #6
America? #7
America? #8
America? #9
America? 13 Music, Gainesville, bikes, dancing, journal
America? 14 Libraries, journal entries, the fest, european tour
America? 15 Interviews, cartoons, Gainesville Fl
At Da Hardback Hardback Cafe, Hyde n Zeke
Bells & Cells; #7 Education, public schools, Gainesville Freedom School 1996
Brazen hussy
Brazen Hussy Comics; #1, 2, 3
Brazen Hussy; # 6 1/2 Fargo
Brazen Hussy; #3
Brazen Hussy; #4 1/2
Brazen Hussy; #5
Brazen Hussy; #8
Brushfire; Spring 2012 nuclear power, death penalty, Occupy, permaculture, Seminole Wars 2012
Caution: No BIG words HERE ---> N/A Feminism, Womyn's Liberation, Queer-negativity
CoffeeBreath #1 N/A local, local bands, Gainesville, Gainesville Music Scene 2004
Compendium storyzines, Pal Bombed Press
Decade of Growth and Change In Alachua County, A Friends of Alachua County 1993
Departure: GNV Photography, poetry, prose, University of Florida
Derby 101 comic, roller derby, gainesville roller rebels
Devil's advocate Gregg Bellon, Jason Matherne Gregg Bellon, Jason Matherne poetry, prose 1994
Dick; #5 douche bags, sexist
DIY pet care pet care, fleas, Project Catnip, Humane Society
Drinking Sweat in the Ash Age Gainesville
Drool 1992
Fah Q' #1
File: R. Hill mental health
Floor Plan
Florida Pines Florida, Pine trees, forestry, ecology, emotions, GNV Zine Fair 2018 2018
Food Not Bombs Zine Gainesville, food not bombs 2005
For Paper Airplane Pilots #3 Music, indie rock, Gainesville, fanzine 1994
For Paper Airplane Pilots #5 Music, comics, fanzine 1995
Friendship Nature, friendship 1989
Gorilla Monthly (September 1981) Primal Communications humor, Gainesville, comics, 1980's, News Stories 1981
Humidity: Stories From the South Florida, the South, perzine
Isra Rushes Out of the Sandcastle Graphic Art, comics
Kickstand's Basic Guide to bicycle Projects, The bikegainesville@riseup.net Gainesville, DIY, bike mechanics, Bike Coops, Egalitarian
Light and Noise lightandnoise.tv Music, Gainesville, fest, music festival 2013