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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
a libro piccolo di la bicicletta Independent Publishing Resource Center bicycles, drawings 2001
About My Disappearance Crohn's disease, health-care
Activists Guide to Basic First Aid, An Black Cross Health Collective Black Cross Health Cllective, First aid
Against the Engineering of Life Venemous Butterfly Publications GMOs, biotechnology, Rene Riesel, Jose Bove, Farmers Confederation
Alien #13 N/A 1997
Alien, Number Eleven mental disorders
Avow; #21 Keith, Rosson
Avow; #22 Keith, Rosson
Barbaric Thoughts Venomous Butterfly Publications anti-civilization 2004
Below Noon; #3
Birthdays & Christmas/Faking Distance (split) Sexism, bikes 2004
Book Happy; #5 2000
Brainscan #20 2003
Brainscan #23 2008
Brainscan #24 2009
Brainscan #26 Microcosm 2010
Brainscan; #25.5
Caught in the Web of Deception: And Other Writings on Anarchists and the Media Venomous Butterfly Publications media, anarchism, autonomy, Consensus, anti-authority, Anti-Copyright
civiliation will eat itself microcosm publishing 2000
Clutch 2001
Comixville #6
Constant Rider Omnibus; Stories From the Public Transportation Front, The Tugboat Press 2000
Consumer, The: Issue Number Twenty Eight 1999
Death of Culture; a Book of Poetry by Shannon Colebank 2001
Dirt Lover, The
End of A Perfect Day, The; #7 traveling, dumpster diving, scams
Epilogue emotional manipulation, boundaries
Fiat Lux; #2 traveling, Disease, Marian syndrome, squats 1994
Flowers For Algebra Feminism, veganism, vampires 2010
Girding For War #1 Christian; Anarchy
Grundig.; #2 travel, portland
Invincible Summer (not numbered)
life savings part one: a couple of days 1997
link: ten perspectives on addiction N/A
Malady #2 comic, personal narrative, self-employment 2005
Malady #2 work, employment, personal, self-employment
Multiball #9 High infidelity productions pinball, arcade games, punk music, music reviews, music interview 1994
perfect mix tape segue, the - brutal honest tea
Project of Liberation, A Venomous Butterfly Publications Revolution, politics, Canada, anarchy, Tribes 2003
Second Set-Out Autobiography, salmon fishing, Alaska, portland, Abortion 2003
Senior Art Gallery #2 community, teaching, special education, subbing, substitute
Shotgun Seamstress #1 Punk, race and racism, black punks, afropunk, Interviews, History, punk history 2008
Space Cadetess
Space Cadetess #1
Stuff #13 comic review, tattoo 2000
Stuff #14 2001
Swivel Action n/a- Santa Cruz, CA 1994
Tangent, The #1 oregon, portland, personal 1997
The Demand for Order And The Birth of Modern Policing History is a Weapon 2003
trellisaze (issue #2) 1996