58 zines

Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
10-20-Life...Letters from the cage Prisoner Letter, abolition, incarceration 2000
ABCF Guide To Politcial Prisoner And Prisoner of War Support PAC Publications political prisoners, POW's 1997
Abolition of Work, The CrimethInc Worker's Collective In Our Hearts Human Rights, anti-authoritarian, Anarchist Philosophy
Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Games Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network Against Prisons, police, American Legal System, incarceration, activism how-to
Ann Arbor Dishdog, The i hate this part of texas dishwashing, work and labor, Personal Stories
attacking prisons at the point of production: a brief look at militant actions against the prison-industrial complex radical, politics, industrialism
Bad Seed #2 Kicks Magazine 1985
Bayou La Rose
Bayou La Rose; #65 Leonard Peltier, Wounded Knee, Charleston 5 2001
Behind Enemy Lines AIDS, drug war, STDs 1994
Behind Enemy Lines; November 1993 CIA, NAFTA, Clinton 1993
Behind These Walls; Support The Prisoners, Demolish the Prison Malcolm X, War on Drugs, Against Prisons
Brushfire! #1 community, veganism, food not bombs 2008
Chicago ABC Zine Distro #1 SO Chicago ABC zine Distro 2002
Claustrophobia; 8 Racism, jail, prisoner's rights, Maryland, Baltimore, correctional, male dominance, Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center, Marshal, Unuted Prisoners' Action Coalition, Raymond 1997
Code of Student Resistance public schools, education system, unlearning
Defiant Hearts Birth and the Prison Industrial Complex
Disorderly Conduct Bring on the Ruckus Society anarchy, green anarchy, anti-authority, anti-government, insurrection anarchy, anti-institution 2000
excarcerate; #1
excarcerate; #2 - A Conversation with Mike Africa political prisoners, MOVE
GOB #2; 2009 Union, IWW, bulletins
Hope Kills; 1 prison, jail, Prison Industrial Complex
Horny 4 the Revolution #2 prison, ALF, Anti-Authorian, ACAB, immigrant support
Horny for the Revolution #3 police brutality, Arizona, political comics, anti-authority, alternative news 1996
How to Disperse Robot Cops police, Police tactics
In the Trenches... prisoner support 1999
Joy of Penology
Let's Get Free! environmental activism, anarchism, environmental anarchism, political prisoners, political prisoner support, Prisoner Letter, poetry, drawings, Interviews 2002
Lynch By Inch prison and prisoners, political prisoners, Racism, politics and political theory 2003
Mass Organization at the Workplace Sojourner Truth Organization 1972
Message to Kent State History, 1970's, Anti-Imperialist, Prisoner Letter 2000
Mumia Speaks from Death Row interview, death row, Mumia Abu-Jamal 1995
Museifushugi: A Brief History of Anarchism in Pre War Japan Libertarian Press
my nature is my own n/a
Nerd Revolt #1 Florida, Revolution, Animal Rights, Political Theory, PETA, suicide
Only the Strong Resist Cracks in the Concrete Publishing Florida, Women, anarchist, activisim 2009
Only the Strong Resist & What Can Be Done? Poverty, anarchism, Prisons, drug addiction, prison abolition 2009
R@slin Authority #1 solidarity, anarchy
Railroading of Chicago Native Son Richard M. Flood, The South Chicago ABC Zine Distro death row, political prisoner, legal action, Richard Flood, prison gang
Savage Realities & Asylum of the Mind
Scam #2 Punk, squatting, hitchhiking, moving, lifestyle, punk house, Miami, roadkill
Scam #4 community
Scene not Seen #2 "Prisons" herbal remedies, prison systems 1994
Smell of Dead Fish #58 Earth First, carny
Spanish Civil War, The: Anarchism in Action Fascism
Species Traitor #1 green anarchy 2001
Spectacle Magazine #3 political prisoner, fraternity pranks 1995
Strong Hearts #1
Strong Hearts #3 IRA, Animal Liberation Front, wild horses west
Taylor County Prisoners Association 2014