47 zines

Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
14 th St. Sta. Found Items 2006
A.W.O.L. youth for peace and revolution / issue #3
Agitprop Volume 3: Anti War anti-war, Fascism, wheatpaste
betrayed: gulf war lab rat
Decolonize 2013
f*INK Weekly Entertainment Guide
Famous Monsters of Filmland Museum of the Weird Monsters 2010
FM 19-15: Civil Disturbances 1985
GFY 4 Art, compilation
Gulf War Labrat Desert Storm, Iraq occupation, Veteran's for Peace
Heartshaped S/P stories, collage, personal
Helicopter Teeth n/a Poorly done art
I would throw stones too. Palestine
Imbroglio II Art, Zine, perzine 2004
In Whose Interests? Iraq 1998
Infecticitis #5 2006
Kerbloom! #11 Anonymous activism, Vietnam 1998
Logopolis poetry, Art 2003
Mama Sez No War
May Zine 2001, A Startling, Amy, Sunfrog, Jackson, Victoria Mae Sunfrog / Black Sun 2001
Mo' Bettah: Know the Truth 1998
Monstrue, El
Museifushugi: A Brief History of Anarchism in Pre War Japan Libertarian Press
my nature is my own n/a
Old Art of Puppetry in the New World Order, The Troll Press, St. Johnsbury 1993
P&G: Dr. Proctor and Sn. Gamble
Permanent Ink; #11 New York: Pure Injoyment Press
Random Stain,The
Rien a Foutre #1 2000
Salamander #1 1994
Scam #4 community
Scenery #10
Section Eight Magazine #12: The Eye Candy Issue N/A
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Short Story
Sinking Through A Straw: A Florida Picture Book 2008
Spanish Civil War, The: Anarchism in Action Fascism
SPLEEN-A-ZINE EL BAZO PRODUCTIONS Personal Stories, Zine, reviews, comics, Beatles, Slow Gerkin, Pope John Paul III, Elvis, soda, cola, Sherilyn Fenn 1996
Spokane Zine No.1 community, spokane, show flyers, dying scene, music appreciation, music scene 1991
STY Zine #24 skateboarding, perzine, music culture, sty zine
Swee(t)art #5
The murder of Iraq Guntzel, Jeff Voices in the Wilderness 1999
These Are The Days #3 personal, drawings 2001
These Are The Days #5 personal, drawings 2002
Thirdspace - Vol. 28, Issue 1 University of Victoria Human Rights, Feminism, poetry, Art, advocacy, Canada, white supremacy, Body Image, zines, self, pets, voice, women's centers, digitization, feminist comics, crossword, community resources 2011
War in Vietnam, The Monthly Review Press Vietnam war, Communism; Socialism; Philosophy & Political Theory 1963
What the Ladies Have to Say: Interviews with Activists in Palestine, Indonesia and the Philippines