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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
30 Revolutions (A Film) trippy
Adventures of Absolutely Zippo, The: Ch. 18 1993
Bad Mom, The Molly motherhood, moms
Biff; #4 2006
Destroy All Monsters Jeckil Kegloff, translator Love Bunni Press 1999
Drop Out Vol. 3 1996
Drop Out Vol. 4 1997
Drop Out Vol. 5 1997
Drop Out Vol. 7 1999
East Village Inky, The; #10
East Village Inky, The; #32 2006
East Village Inky, The; #33 2007
East Village Inky, The; #6 2000
Fertile Ground; For People Who Dig Parenting
Full Force Arkopolis! I Hate This Part of Texas 3 Arkansas, stories
Ginger #2 lesbian couples; queer family; pregnancy
Highways and Byways touring
How I Spent My Winter Vacation 2010
I Was a Teenaged Scumfuck #1 squatting, train hopping, cross country travel, punk lifestyle 2006
Infecticitis #7 anarchist theory, art school, the fest, music festival 2008
Infecticitis #8 hitchhiking, bike touring, backpacking, existentialism 2009
Ker-Bloom! issue 100 Artnoose Zine, metazine, motherhood 2013
Kerbloom! #17 Anonymous deepest, darkest 1999
Kerbloom! #19 Anonymous printing 1999
Kerbloom! #53 Anonymous Love, like 2005
Kerbloom! Jan - Feb 1998 Anonymous typewriter 1998
Learn your ABCs: From anarchy to zomba CrimethInc.- a diy production
Let Them Be Free: An Unschooling Handbook Habbibi's Hutch Preschool , All-Austin Cooperative Nursery children, parenting, unschooling, teaching, Education, anarchy, anarchism
Lower East Side Librarian #7: Winter Solstice Shoutout book review 2007
Lower East Side Librarian Reading Log 2006
Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout Out 2006
Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout Out, 2007
Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shoutout 2002 2002
mama girl Omaha, NE children, Feminism, Women's Issues, motherhood, childbirth
Mamabear: A Zine for Gainesville Moms children, mothers, motherhood, women's health 2005
Moving Towards A family-Inclusive Radical Movement Family, inclusivity, parenting, equity, activism, radical, family-inclusive, children, childcare, parent
New Year #3 2000
Off the Map CrimethInc
Rachel Zine 1994
Rad Dad 1984 Printing Feminism, gender differences, Family, Family life, parenting, riot girrrl, dads, daughters 2011
Rampike Literary Supplement Deisler, Guillermo, Bissett, Bill, Gessner, Richard, Aufray, Gil, Aguiar, Fernando, Burdick, Alice, Cisneros, Domingo, Dassanowsky-Harris, Robert, Ackerman, Kim, Arcand, Pierre-Andre, Swede, George, Sutherland, William Mark, Lovekin, Helen
Real Life Diary of a Boy, The #7 1997
Rock Candy #2 riot grrrl 1995
Rock Candy #5 rape, riot grrrl
Scene not Seen #2 "Prisons" herbal remedies, prison systems 1994
Second Guess #10 zine review, sexual assault
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Shortandqueer #11: The Best Thing that Happened Today Was...(May-December 2008) community, friendship, break ups, transgender issues 2008
Shortandqueer #3: The Best Thing that Happened Today Was... 2004