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"How To" Guide silkscreening, pirate radio, copy scams, making zines, recepies
A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press #XI Holland, Doug zines, zine world, reviews, DIY, DIY Culture 1999
An Appeal To The Homeless: Self-Sufficiency Through Shoplifting
An Invitation... Finding New Paths to Getting What We Want: Ideas for How to Spend Less Money and Have More Fun scams, squatting
Armed and Angry Guns, guerilla warfare, fire arms, self defense
Bad Mom, The Molly motherhood, moms
Biff; #4 2006
Blak & Wite Orange Press 2008
Blood Mop: Bold Statements with Body Excriments
Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense For the Modern Protestor tactics, strategy, self-defense
Book Your Own Fuckin' Life: DIY Resource Guide Maximum Rock'n Roll 1993
Brew Not Bombs home brew, Brew Not Bombs
Burdock 2003
Community Bike Cart Design 2005
Complete Soapmaker; Tips Techniques and Recipes for Luxurious Handmade Soaps
Copse; a cartoon book of tree protesting Black Cat Distro knots, tree climbing, barricades
Creative Direct Actioon Visuals; a ruckus society manual 2007
Cut and Paint; #2
Cut and Paint; One stencils
Cyberpunk Apocalypse; Issue 1: An Intelletual Property 6 Gallery Press
Decline of Southern Civilization, The: An ARA Street Propoganda Pamphlet Louisville ARA wheatpaste
Destroy All Monsters Jeckil Kegloff, translator Love Bunni Press 1999
destroy the scene: how to alienate people & make enemies feminist, activism how-to, music show, abuse of power 2013
DIY Guide
DIY Supplement tofu, patches, rice mik, soap making 1997
DIY; An A-Z Guide to Doing-It-Yourself... bombs, zines, silkscreening, herbal abortion, bicycle maintenance, wheatpaste, automobile maintenance, instrument repair
Drop Out Vol. 3 1996
Drop Out Vol. 4 1997
Drop Out Vol. 5 1997
Drop Out Vol. 7 1999
Dropping Out Vol. 1
Dumpsterland; #10 puppetry, FTAA, dumpster diving, Garbage Liberation Front
Dumpsterland; #11 dumpster diving, trash compactors, pressure cooker, composting toilet
Dwelling Portably 1999
Easy Food Gardening gardening, organic gardening, composting, mulch, seeds, Turkey Hill Farm, Collage art
East Village Inky, The; #10
East Village Inky, The; #32 2006
East Village Inky, The; #33 2007
East Village Inky, The; #6 2000
excerpts from "The Science of the Craft" 2005
Feral Forager, The #1 Herbs, roadkill, Scavenger, how to eat insects, wild plant foraging, foraging, wild mushrooms
Fertile Ground; For People Who Dig Parenting
Fight Boredom!; #1 Feminism, small-town life, plumbing 2007
Firewood #1 Sustainability, gardening, home building
Free Shit; Get Loose Fanzine #3 kleptomania, free stuff
Garden, The The Garden
Ginger #2 lesbian couples; queer family; pregnancy
Guide to Steel Bikes Boing! Collective