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"it really happened" comics, Art, oversize 2002
#1 Supergay Zen Skiing Zine ikkyu, Zen, skiing, Collage art, detournement, collage, assemblage, sex, sexuality, Advertising
13 Years Of Goodluck Beil, Joe; ed., Gaylan-Wilkerson, Dylan; ed., Lynch, E. Chris; ed. Microcosm Publishing collection, publishing, making zines 2009
8 Letters knuckle tattoos, tattoos, Interviews
Alaskan Delivery: A Pathetic, Futile Attempt at Creative Expression, The
Anything 1991
Art All Out Pointless and Random and Mundane Design Stew 2011
Art and Science of Billboard Improvement, The
Ass Clown
Baby Blue 1997
Badaboom Gramophone Goldberg, Ben Lou Barlow, No Wave 1995
Better Magazine Vol. 13 2007
Better Magazine Vol. 2
Better Magazine Vol. 8 2007
Better Magazine Vol. 9 2007
Bitch Nation
Bits & Pieces; #1 humor 1994
Book as a Kite (Reverse)
Chapbook, The
Christ! I'm gay? Christianity 2009
Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore #3 sex work, transgender 2014
consen(t)sus: exploring contradictions, practice, and politics. also, gay sex. Gay 4 Pay Press gay sex, consent, queer relationships 2015
Contemporary Dude Theory Downey, Ian
Die ,The vol. 3, no. 1 Red Roach Press 2004
Dirtboy; #5
Do as I say not as I do: Family Lessons to Unlearn n/a family relationships, queer, transgender, coming out
Don't Touch Me gameboy camera, Art, self portraiture, trans, Autobiography, poetry 2018
Dr. Who vs. Manipulon
Este Es El Momento Para Prepararse CMZINE Workshop, Spanish language, Collage art, oddball, Latin America foreign policy, anarchism 2018
Fixing Her Hair #1 gender, Bi
Fuck Shit Up Florida, Music, songs, oddball, radical cheerleading
Handbook For The Recently Deceased, The; 1 pornography, Star Wars, music show, sleepovers 1997
Handbook For The Recently Deceased, The; 2 school, riot, high school, scenester
Handbook For The Recently Deceased, The; 3 high school, Less Than Jake, cult, how to make a zine
Hey Suburbia #4 n/a Punk, DIY, fanzine, Music, Interviews, reviews, suburbia
Holy titclamps queer history; 14 queer history
Humanimals: Forgetting How to be an Adult Music, poetry, childhood, adulthood
I Hate You, Fuckzine: Issue XXX Violence, drugs
I Still Want to Kill That Boy gameboy, Art, Autobiography, trans, self portraiture 2018
i think so 4 perzine, collage, cut and paste, lesbianism, poetry, personal narrative, australia, women's art 2003
idea, an Marymark Press poetry, collage, maps, abstract
Ideas Is Matches Two: Second in the pretty/ damned/ smart series Feminism, traveling, alternative medicine, Health eating 1999
Illegal Alien comics, aliens, weird, odd
Indeed U R #3 Dublin, Abortion, homelessness, Irish politics 1997
Ink Thief: Description of a Dream Tarkenton, Robert, Bellinsky, Rachel Legion Creative Dreams, prose, perzine 2007
Instant Comma Marymark Press 2005
Introduction to Queer History in the United States, 1870-1990's queer history