54 zines

Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
#1 Supergay Zen Skiing Zine ikkyu, Zen, skiing, Collage art, detournement, collage, assemblage, sex, sexuality, Advertising
Abolition of Work, The CrimethInc Worker's Collective In Our Hearts Human Rights, anti-authoritarian, Anarchist Philosophy
Ann Arbor Dishdog, The i hate this part of texas dishwashing, work and labor, Personal Stories
Bayou La Rose
Bayou La Rose; #65 Leonard Peltier, Wounded Knee, Charleston 5 2001
Bitch Nation
Christ! I'm gay? Christianity 2009
Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore #3 sex work, transgender 2014
consen(t)sus: exploring contradictions, practice, and politics. also, gay sex. Gay 4 Pay Press gay sex, consent, queer relationships 2015
Do as I say not as I do: Family Lessons to Unlearn n/a family relationships, queer, transgender, coming out
Don't Touch Me gameboy camera, Art, self portraiture, trans, Autobiography, poetry 2018
Fixing Her Hair #1 gender, Bi
GOB #2; 2009 Union, IWW, bulletins
Holy titclamps queer history; 14 queer history
I Still Want to Kill That Boy gameboy, Art, Autobiography, trans, self portraiture 2018
i think so 4 perzine, collage, cut and paste, lesbianism, poetry, personal narrative, australia, women's art 2003
Introduction to Queer History in the United States, 1870-1990's queer history
Lambda S/P queer, haiku, poetry, Collage art, dating
Mass Organization at the Workplace Sojourner Truth Organization 1972
Memoirs of a Queer Hapa #1 asian, queer, identity, race discrimination, sexual identity, pacific islander
Museifushugi: A Brief History of Anarchism in Pre War Japan Libertarian Press
Mutate Zine #10
My little Box perzine, queer community, womens relationships
my little box (#2)
my little box #4 1996
my nature is my own n/a
My Queer Family on Queer Family: Five Interviews Gay 4 Pay Pre$$ queer community, found family, queer family, Interviews 2019
Outpunk #3: Focus on the Family Outpunk queer punk, queercore, sadomasochism
Pleasure: A Sexual Mmoir Secret Sailor Books sexual discovery 2015
Portrai of the Artist as a Young Trannie
Pretty Girl gameboy camera, self portraiture, trans art, trans, Autobiography 2019
PUSH: a publication by and for queer women Feminism, essays, poems, illustrations, comics, Lesbian life 2000
Red Dawn/Bright Black! anarchy, Bisexual 1997
Road Show 1998
Scent: The Zine scent uVa butch film, butch, gender, genderqueer, queer, queer art, filmmaking
Selections From the Upcoming Novel from Dyke to Fag in Five Seconds Flat queer, trans
Shortandqueer #12: Menstruation, Not Punctuation (Periods.) menstruation, transgender issues, periods 2009
Shortandqueer #15: Speeches and Performances 2006-2010 essay, transgender issues 2010
Shortandqueer #4: The Coming Out Issue community, transgender, coming out, female to male 2005
Shortandqueer #5: The Best Thing that Happened Today Was...(part 2) 2005
Shortandqueer #8: I Am Not Unreasonable gender, identity 2007
Sister Calico gender identity, herbal healing, herbal abortion
Smile For Me No. 3 Riot Grrrl Press activism, New York, Racism, Sexism, classism, LGBTQ, domestic violence, Black sexual dynamic 1994
Sour Mash #8: People are stupid.
Spanish Civil War, The: Anarchism in Action Fascism
Spirals Upward #3 communication, identity, connection, lying, sexual identity, zine distros 1995
sticker anarchy rape, female masturbation, condom
teenage death songs/tbftgog5