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Love It Up
Survival with out rent (NYC)
collective Unconcious- a collection of dreams from the underground, The
Green Alley #1 theories, comics, Herbs, vegetables
Rip It Up
Fortress Economy: The Economic Role of the U$ Prison System, The
El Otro Lado
Nipples and Bits
Alabama Grrrl; #8 food not bombs, menstruation, The Rainbow House, housing co-op, endometriosis, Submission Hold, Sleater Kinney
Clowns Make Good Watchdogs
S.K.A.M.: Super kick-ass magazine #7
God is Happy
Factory Direct; #4
Sunburn #14 2000
Fancy Froglin's Sexy Forest
25 Years On The Move
Agitator, The: A Directory of Autonomous, Non-Hierarchical Groups and Such Like in Britain and Ireland Newspapers, Magazines, organizations, infoshops, groups, networks, periodicals, stores 1998
ballad of the 2-headed boy
Bamboo Girl
beauty is dead; #11 Socialism, anarchism
Caution chihuahua and pitbull
classic wizard
D.I.Y. "How to Guide"
Divine Milk Carton
Down on the Farm; The Story of the Women's Land Movement Womens Land Movement, Lesbian separatists
Fat? So!; #4 sizeism, fat acceptance
Feces #3 1994
femme flicke
Florida Radical Activist Networking Zine Florida, community, food not bombs 1999
from the ground up
Stories by David Andrew Kime
Githyanki N/A 1995
Guaranteed to Wreck any Party
Guerilla Gardening: Beneath the Concrete 2000
Half a Loaf; 1
hello nothing
Here be Dragons Vol.5
Hey Big Man
Blind Man's Rainbow, The (Autumn 2002, Vol. VII, Issue 5)
Hunter/Gatherer Editions Unedited
i blew up the united states