Good Work

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Preface written by George McRobie and Epilogue by Peter N. Gillingham.

"Good Work rejects speculation about what technology may do for us in the future and asks what human beings can do now, both personally and collectively, in the face of today's seemingly overwhelming problems...For Schumacher, work is the answer. By his definition, if this work is to be our salvation it should provide us with necessary and useful food and services; enable us to use and perfect our God-given skills; and finally, help us to 'liberate ourselves from our inborn egocentricity.' This latest elaboration of Schumacher's thoughts is extremely readable, indeed often entertaining. Furthermore, Good Work gives the reader a profound sense of Schumacher as a thoughtful, reasonable man, whose insightful observations about current problems stemmed from wide experience and an inner calm." -- Review from Bruce Stokes, The Washington Post