One Man's Castle: Clarence Darrow in Defense of the American Dream

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New York, NY: Amistad
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"In this buried chapter of American history, a nearly forgotten case of famed attorney Clarence Darrow comes hauntingly to surface. In 1925 the NAACP approached Darrow to defend Ossian Sweet - a highly respected black doctor who, after integrating an all-white neighborhood in Detriot, found himself the victim of a community attack. When Sweet and his family fought back, they were caught in a melee in which a white man was fatally shot." -BOOK JACKET

Chapters included:

Florida : "Incomparable and indescribable" -- The education of Ossian Sweet -- Moving up -- Getting settled -- "Detroit the dynamic" -- Two cities : Vienna and Paris -- 2905 Garland Avenue -- James Weldon Johnson and the NAACP -- Send Walter White -- Clarence Darrow sets the stage -- "Nobody is molesting you" -- Your fight, my fight -- The night of September 9 -- His home is his castle -- A reasonable man? -- More than a partial victory -- A trial fair -- The darker brother.; Winner of the Great Lakes Book Award.