Shoot the Women First

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"Journalist Eileen MacDonald sought and obtained a series of interviews with women around the world from organizations committed to violence. Here, in their own words, are the reflections, rage, and regrets of these women: Kim Hyon Hui, who planted the bomb that destroyed Korean Air Flight 858 and all those on board; Leila Khaled, the mother and Intifada activist who blew up a plane in Syria; and Inge Viett, one of the most notorious members of the German Red Army Faction, who escaped from prison by sawing through the bars of her cell.
In Shoot the Women First, these and other women...tell their remarkable stories. They describe their memories of acts of extreme violence. They speak of the strengths and weaknesses of their male counterparts. They talk of motherhood and murder, and of the feelings a woman must suppress when she pulls a trigger or detonates a bomb.

-(Summary excerpted from front cover flap of text)-