Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism

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The lines of oppression are already drawn. The only question is, Which side are you on in the struggle against the violence that is white supremacy and policing? Taking Sides supplies an ethical compass and militant map of the terrain, arguing not for reform of structurally brutal institutions but rather for their abolition. Its thirteen essays are sharp interventions that take particular aim at the role of nonprofits, "ally" politics and "peace police" in demobilizing rebellions against hierarchical power. The authors offer tools to hone strategies and tactics of resistance, and hold out the promise of robust, tangible solidarity across racial and other lines, because in the battle for systemic transformation, there are no outside agitators.

Authors in the order in which they appear: Cindy Milstein, Michael Staudenmaier, Delio Vasquez, Harsha Walia, Tipu's Tiger, M., Indigenous Action Media, Neal Shirley and Saralee Stafford, J.B., Finn Feinberg, Leanne Simpson, Anarchist Jews, and Benji Hart.