Trajectory of Change, The: Activist Strategies for Social Transformation

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The Trajectory of Change charts a course for the growing, international movement against corporate globalization. Michael Albert, a longtime activist and analyst of popular struggles, challenges the movement to reach out to "ordinary people" by demonstrating how their lives are negatively affected by creeping corporatism.

Albert connects issues confronting working people in the United States (such as access to health care, workplace rights and safety, declining wages, and unemployment) to a critique of institutions that currently dominate the global economy. And he offers a compelling argument for a strategy based on civil disobedience and protest rather than individual acts of vandalism or violence.

Albert also suggests reasons for the recent revival of political protest, from the Battle in Seattle to the demonstrations in Quebec, Canada, and Genoa, Italy. At the same time, he argues that it isn't enough for protesters to stand against global economic injustice. To be effective, Albert argues that we need to develop a clear vision of what we stand for. He makes the case for collectively creating a vision of a participatory, democratic, and egalitarian society.
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