Votes for Women!: The Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee, the South, and the Nation

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A unique collection of scholarly essays and primary documents, Votes for Women! brings into sharp focus the suffrage battles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Not only does the book examine the struggle at the national level but it looks in depth at how the drama played out in the South and in Tennessee, which in 1920 became the pivotal thirty-sixth state to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment-thereby making woman suffrage the law of the land.

The volume contains six essays by leading scholars on topics ranging from the strategies suffragists used to raise the national consciousness to the participation of African American women in the movement. Also included are discussions of antisuffragist beliefs and literature, the obstacles to women suffrage in the South posed by white supremacy and state's rights, and the ways in which women have used their political power since receiving the vote.

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