10266 books

Title Author Keywords Year
American Heritage History of The Indian Wars, The Utley, Robert M., Washburn, Wilcomb E. Native Americans 1982
American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World Stannard, David E. 1992
American Hunger Wright, Richard 1979
American Imperialism in 1898: Problems in American Civilization [N/A] Not Applicable, Greene, Theodore P. Philippines, Cuba, International relations, Annexation 1955
American Indian Almanac Terrell, John Upton Native Americans 1994
American Indian Healing Arts : Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life Kavasch, E. Barrie, Baar, Karen native american, Herbs, Therapeutic Use, Traditional Medicine 1999
American Indian Liberation: A Theology of Sovereignty Tinker, Georg E. 2008
American Indian Life Skills Curriculum LaFromboise, Teresa D. children, native american culture 1992
American Indian myths and legends [N/A] Not Applicable, Ortiz, Alfonso, Erdoes, Richard 1984
American Indian Societies Champagne, Duane 1989
American Indians and the Urban Experience [N/A] Not Applicable, Lobo, Susan, Peters, Kurt 2001
American Indians, American Justice Deloria Jr., Vine, Lytle, Clifford M. 1983
American Indians, Time and the Law: Native Societies in a Modern Constitutional Democracy Wilkinson, Charles F 1987
American Labor Pelling, Henry M. unions 1968
American labor and European politics : the AFL as a transnational force Godson, Roy 1976
American Labor and the Cold War: Grassroots Politics and Postwar Political Culture Cherny, Robert W., William Issel, and Kieran Walsh Taylor 2004
American Labor Leaders Madison, Charles 1950
American labor movement, 1955-1995 /, The Galenson, Walter 1996
American Labor Movement, The Litwack, Leon F. United States, unions, Labor 1986
American Labor Since the New Deal Dubofsky, Melvyn 1971
American Labor Struggles 1877-1934 Yellen, Samuel
American Left in the 20th Century, The Diggins, John Patrick 1973
American Military, The: Opposing Viewpoints Bender, David L. 1983
American Millstone, The: An Examination of the Nation's Permanent Underclass Chicago Tribune Violence, Poverty 1986
American Minority Relations Vander Zanden, James W. Race Relations, minority, social relations 1963
American Mixed Race: The Culture of Microdiversity Not Applicable, Zack, Naomi Diversity, Race, Culture, critical race theory 1995
American Moderns: Bohemian New York: and the Creation of a New Century Stansell, Christine sociology, bohemianism, customs, New York intellectual life, social life
American Monsters: 44 Rats, Blackhats, and Plutocrats [N/A] Not Applicable, Newfield, Jack, Jacobson, Mark 2004
American Movie Critics: An Anthology from the Silents until Now [N/A] Not Applicable, Lopate, Phillip 2006
American Myth and the Legacy of Vietnam Hellmann, John 1986
American Negro Short Stories [N/A] Not Applicable, Clarke, John Henrik African American history, african american literature, story collection 1966
American Negro Slavery: A Modern Reader [N/A] Not Applicable, Weinstein, Allen, Gatell, Frank Otto, Sarasohn, David slavery, African American history, Slavery-United States 1968
American Newspeak: The Mangling of Meaning for Power and Profit Grytting, Wayne media, propaganda 2002
American Newsreel 1911-1967, The Fielding, Raymond 1972
Americanization of Dixie, The: The Southernization of America Egerton, John 1974
American Ordeal A:The Antiewar Movement of the Vietnam Era DeBenedetti, Charles, Chatfield, Charles 1990
American Patriots: The Story of Blacks in the Military from The Revolution to Desert Storm Buckley, Gail African American experience, American military, African American Soldiers 2001
American Political Dictionary, The: Third Edition Plano, Jack C. and Greenberg, Milton constitution 1972
American Politics in the Media Age Dye, Ziegler, Lichter 1992
American Populism [N/A] Not Applicable, Holmes, William F. 1994
American Poverty in a New Era of Reform Rodgers Jr., Harrell R. Poverty, Welfare, poor 2000
American Power and the New Mandarins: Historical and Political Essays Chomsky, Noam 1967
American racism : exploration of the nature of prejudice Daniels, Roger, Kitano, Harry H. L. Prejudice, Racism 1970
American Radicals: Some Problems and Personalities Goldberg, Harvey, ed. 1957
American Serfs, The: A Report On Poverty In The Rural South Good, Paul 1968
American Slavery, 1619-1877 Kolchin, Peter 1993
American slavery, American freedom : the ordeal of colonial Virginia Morgan, Edmund S. 1975
American Strategy in the Nuclear Age Tarr, David W., Hammond, Paul Y., Polsby, Nelson W. 1966
American Temperance Movements: Cycles of Reform Blocker, Jr., Jack S. United States History, temperance, prohibition 1989
American Terrorist Michel, Lou, Herbeck, Dan Timothy mcVeigh, Terrorism 2001