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Amnesty International Report 2004 Item: Book Rights and Liberties
Amnesty International: Advancing Human Rights in a New Landscape: Amnesty International Key Priorities for 2009 Item: Pamphlet
Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds: Torture and ill-treatment of women Item: Book Womens Studies
Broken lives-a year of intifada Item: Book Middle Eastern Studies
Getting Away with Murder: Political killings and "disappearances in the 1990's Item: Book Political Repression
Hidden scandal, secret shame: Torture and ill treatment of children Item: Book Rights and Liberties
Human Rights: Is It Any of Your Business? Item: Book Rights and Liberties
It's in Our Hands Item: Book Womens Studies
On the Wrong Side of History: Children and the Death Penalty in the USA Item: Book Rights and Liberties
Phillippines: The Killing Goes On Item: Book Asian Studies
Political Killings by Governments Item: Book Political Repression
Political Violence in Colombia: Myth and Reality Item: Book Latin American Studies
Race, Rights and Police Brutality: United States of America Item: Pamphlet
Threat and Humiliation: Racial Profiling, Domestic Security, and Human Rights in the United States Item: Book Rights and Liberties
United States of America : rights for all. Item: Book Rights and Liberties
United States of America, Race, Rights and Police Brutality Item: Pamphlet
Unmatched power unmet principles Item: Book Peace and Militarism
USA: Cruelty in Control? The Stun Belt and Other Electro-shock Equipment in Law Enforcement Item: Book Rights and Liberties

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Amnesty International HBO December 10, 1988 Item: Video MI: Miscellaneous
Amnesty Now Item: Periodical
Environmentalists Under Fire: 10 Urgent Cases of Human Rights Abuses Item: Video EN: Environment