Barricada: Agitational Monthly of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists

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Originally subtitled: Revolutionary Leftist Publication of the Baricada Collective

Barricada is a non-partisan, non-hierarchical collective within the radical leftist spectrum with the principle aim of producing & distributing revolutionary propaganda & news. We work to build class-consciousness through the distribution of radical left wing culture & ideas as an alternative to the state & the capitalist system. To this end we distribute pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, & other forms of propaganda, as well as participating in initiatives which are in line with our general ideas & beliefs. The Barricada collective opposes electoral politics, the party system, & representative democracy, because we see them as cheapening true democracy & serving to take power & initiative away from the hands of the people. We are also opposed to reformist alternatives aimed at making superficial changes to what we view as an inherently flawed system. We are opposed to nationalism & other artificial divisions of the working class. However, we are also anti-imperialists & as such support oppressed peoples in their struggles of national liberation providing that they maintain a revolutionary leftist character. At the same time we bear in mind that this is not our ideal situation, as our wish is not to see the emergence of more states & borders but instead a stateless, classless society based on the principals of mutual aid, direct democracy, freely federated community structures, & workers self-management. To this end we justify & encourage the pursuit of the class war, including but not limited to, direct action, workplace sabotage, property damage, mass confrontation, & civil disobedience. We believe that the issue of revolutionary violence should be viewed from a tactical standpoint rather than an ideological one. This said, we believe that the creation of a "culture of resistance," where the state & all other enemies of the working class are at no time safe, is an essential aspect of any social movement, serving to empower people as well as creating an atmosphere ideal for class warfare.

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