Femmelie & Annethema; #3

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Half-size (5.5"x8.5")

The continued adventures of two travelers.  Their experiences with sexism, men aggressively soliciting sex from traveling women who they perceive as vulnerable.  


"Dear emilie,


i hope you're doing well and i hope this person finds you in flagstaff before you are off to someplace new.  i want to tell you that i have been having these really intense dreams where we are out watching ourselves, more powerful than ever, brutalizing and killing men who i guess represent all men.  it's not very hard to interpret why these dreams have come about and what we're doing in them, but i don't know how i feel about them.  i don't know if there is some kind of message.  these men deserve it i think but i always wake up feeling sick.  in the dream i feel sick, too, and you do, and there are things we can't control.  it's really fucking weird and they feel so real...."