I hate this part of texas #2

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Quarter-size (4.5"x5.5")

"John Gerken was one of the participating zinesters on the Y'erd Me? Zine Tour of the east coast in November of 2002, reading from I Hate This Part of Texas. The selections read from the zine were later documented in the compilation zine Y'erd Me?, which included the work of all the touring zinesters.

The title was a line of graffiti the author read at a rest stop in Oklahoma. The zine addresses queer and feminist issues through a number of personal anecdotes. Several issues have addressed Hurricane Katrina, notably Issue #7, which was a split with Keep Loving Keep Fighting #7." -- taken from ZineWiki


In "I hate this part of texas #2", John writes about staying in Gainesville (ya!); growing up and living the punk life; gives a basic introduction to graywater systems; American folk music; moving to New Orleans; and more. There's also a section of zine reviews and a stencil center-fold spread of Silvia Ray Rivera.