Men in the Feminist Struggle

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A series of essays from other books and zines about men and their relationship with the feminist struggle. Some of the academic works reprinted were reprinted from zines, not the original source. Compiled by a man, per the introduction. 


1. "Men in the Feminist Struggle- the Necessary Movement" by bell hooks

2. "I Want A 24 Hour Truce" by Andrea Dworkin

3. "Feminist Activism and Male Sexuality" by John Stoltenberg

4. Deep Inside the Mind of a Manrchist by Kooky, from "The Florida_A list serve" (sic)

(not listed in table of contents 5. An Internal Action by the Vaginal Liberation Front, by Pangea and Opal

6. Excerpt from "A Men's Movement I Could Test" by Starhawk)

two copies, one white and one blue