Slug & Lettuce #82

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"Slug and Lettuce is a free newsprint punk zine started in New York City and currently based in Richmond, Virginia. Its byline reads "A zine supporting the Do-It-Yourself ethics of the punk community". It is published quarterly and in spring 2007, it will be twenty years old. It is edited by Christine Boarts Larson, who also writes a column for Maximum Rocknroll and runs a book distribution business. She describes her zine as "providing space for communication and networking within underground music and political scenes" and states that "it was through her zine that she forged connections to the larger underground scene which gave her the 'inspiration and dedication' to chart a course for herself outside the mainstream" (quoted in Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture).


Each issue contains columns with DIY/anarcho-punk themes pertaining to anti-authoritarian politics, vegetarian/vegan action, radical parenting, DIY culture, gardening and activism generally. Slug and Lettuce also features zine, book, and record reviews and Christine Boarts-Larson's band photography." -- taken from ZineWiki


A classic.