Spirals Upward #3

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1018226 Reference only
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Physical Description
Quarter-size (4.5"x5.5")

A very reflective perzine that is made up of other mini-zines that he is done. Basil writes about being a pathological liar and how this has affected how he views himself and all the people around him - whether or not they even know what kind of person he is. A lot of this zine is him focusing on getting out thoughts and emotions that he is barely able to admit to himself, but has to. He also writes about uncertainties he has about his sexual identity, gender identities that our society raises us on, why he makes zines, and more. A very honest zine. There's also a list of zine distros in the Midwest and West.


This is a split zine with Rock Candy #4. If you are looking for it on the shelves, it will be shelved under Rock Candy.