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"remark." #43 2006
#1 Supergay Zen Skiing Zine ikkyu, Zen, skiing, Collage art, detournement, collage, assemblage, sex, sexuality, Advertising
a libro piccolo di la bicicletta Independent Publishing Resource Center bicycles, drawings 2001
A Life Unknown #2:A Notebook of Places I'd Rather Not Be In The Week Before Christmas. train hopping, travel
About My Disappearance
About My Disappearance Crohn's disease, health-care
Accidentals, The: Bootleg #1 Small Press Syndicate 1999
Adventures of Drunk Bird, The Punk Bird
Adventures of Punk Bird #3, The Gainesville, gainesville fucking florida, Punk, punk rock, local art, comics, local, #PUNKBIRD352 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #4: Origins of Punk Cat: <<The Scruffining>> Punk Bird, comics, Cats, punk rock, local, Gainesville 2019
Adventures of Punk Bird #5, The Punk Bird, employment, employment alternatives, underemployment 2019
Adventure #3 2004
Affinity Rhythm
African Socialism Zabalaza Books
Alien #13 N/A 1997
America? N/A Music, Interviews, Collage art
America? #10
America? #12
America? #7
America? #8
America? #9
America? 14 Libraries, journal entries, the fest, european tour
Anarchism MacPhee, Josh Institute for Anarchist Studies anarchism, anarchy, anarchist 2012
Answers To FAQ's About Anarchism
Applicant ed. Jesse Reklaw microcosm criticism, resumes, applications, first-impressions 2006
Ataraxia vol 2 2014
Ataraxia vol. 7 2014
Ataraxia Vol. 4
Ataraxia Vol. 6
Ataraxia; Vol. 1 2014
Atrophy #9
Bad Girl
Below Noon; #3
Betterdays 10 teeth, band mates
Black Sun; #6 anarchism, paganism, polysexual 2001
Boy as Bomb
Brainscan #20 2003
Brainscan Vol. 24
Brainscan Vol. 25.5
Brainscan Vol. epilogue
breaking radition=bremstrallung
Broken HIPster
caged birds don't sing, they yell Feminism, revolutionary, Gainesville Poet, Radical Poetry
Carbon Based Mistake, The #7 Photography 2001
Chaos Industries Magazine Vol. 4 No. 10 Racism, common man, inner child, conspiracy theory, racial injustice, racial issues
Chicken Noodle Soup Special #3 Canada, Libraries, Groceries 2005
Cipher recipes, Herbs, journal, etymology 2007
Click Attack Photography, le tigre, vaginal davis, portraits 2002
Coal Sludge 2005