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Title Other Creator Publisher Keywords Year
Any Time Now Martin, Dick, Murtagh, Pat, Carson, Kevin, Gambone, Larry Any Time Now 2005
Bread and Paper; #1 Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the fest 2004
Confessions of a Teenage Transsexual Whore #3 sex work, transgender 2014
consen(t)sus: exploring contradictions, practice, and politics. also, gay sex. Gay 4 Pay Press gay sex, consent, queer relationships 2015
culture war, part one: assimilation assimilation, German politics, oppression 2019
culture wars, part two: emancipation Emancipation, activism 2019
"Get Out Alive, Together!" Cooperative Survival for Marginalized Communities community activism, cooperative survival 2019
Ghost Pine Fanzine #11 Crows 2007
Ghost Pine Fanzine #7 Canada, Personal Stories, personal narrative, family stories 2003
I'm Johnny and I don't give a fuck 1998
Lunch Hour Jam Sessions #1 Punk, band interview, reviews, short story 1997
My Queer Family on Queer Family: Five Interviews Gay 4 Pay Pre$$ queer community, found family, queer family, Interviews 2019
Section Eight Magazine #12: The Eye Candy Issue N/A
Short Stories and ideas from under a tree #1
Spinning Jenny
Stop, Look, and Listen #3 Paris, London, choob (tube)
They as Hell nonbinary, gender identity 2019
Travels travel, Canadian Maritimes, Maritimes, traveling, travel stories, personal narrative
What to do when you're non-binary, gender queer, etc, etc, etc, but have "feminine" features... nonbinary, trans, Femininity, gender, gender identity 2019
Why You Will Live/Why You Will Die cooperative survival, disaster 2019