Karl Marx Frederick Engels, Collected Works: Vol. 19, Marx and Engels 1861-1864

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Volume 19 of the Collected Works contains articles and documents Marx and Engels wrote between January 1861 and early June 1864. Many articles written for the New York Daily Tribune and the Viennese newspaper Die Presse in 1861 and 1862 deal with the US Civil War. They contained the first-ever comprehensive scholarly assessment of the war as a progressive turning-point in the history of the United States. Marx regarded the war as a form of bourgeois-democratic revolution and in this connection made a thorough analysis of socio-political and economic relations in the United States. Engels studied the implications of the war in the context of historical materialism and discussed the forms and methods of warfare applied in individual operations. The political movements of the working class in European countries in support of the Northern states provided Marx and Engels with material for developing further the theory of the class struggle and demonstrating the need for the working class to pursue an independent policy in international affairs. Many articles are concerned with economic problems, the home and the foreign policy of th European powers, colonialism and the working-class and national liberation movements. The Appendices include arx's applications for the restoration of his Prussian citizenship, made in 1861 in connection with the rise of the working-class movement in Germany, and his explanatory statements on the citizenship question. The Prussian government refused his request for fear of Marx's resuming his revolutionary activities in Germany. 


The volume contains 82 wors by Marx and Engels, of which 28 are published in English for the first time.