Karl Marx Frederick Engels, Collected Works: Vol. 20, Marx and Engels 1864-1868

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Volume 20 comprises works by Marx and Engels written between September 1864 and July 1868. It is the first in a group of volumes that reflect the theoretical and practical activity of Marx and Engels as leaders of the First International. The volume contains documents, reports, pamphlets, articles, statements and records of speeches, which for the most part, belong to the period of the foundation and further development of this first international mass proletarian organization. These works-- the "Inaugural Address to the Working Men's International Association", the "provisional Rules of the Association", the report entitled Value, Price, and Profit, and the "Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional Central Council" by Marx, the pamphlet The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' Party and the series of articles "What Have the Working Classes to Do with Poland?" by Engels, and others-- constitute the most important programmatic statements of the revolutionary proletarian movement. They substantiate its tactics on various aspects of the economic and political struggle; they elaborate its organizational principles; and they provide a critique of sectarianism and reformism. 


A special section of the volume contains Marx's notes and Engels' reviews written in connection with the publication in 1867 of Volume One of Marx's Capital. This section also includes a synopsis of Volume One made by Engels. The Appendices contain materials which throw light on the leading role of Marx on the Central (General) Council of the International and different aspects of his and Engels' public activity.