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"Erick Lyle is a writer, musician, activist, and zine editor. Born in Orlando, FL, Erick grew up in South Florida, and has lived in Miami, Richmond, VA; Little Rock, AR; Eureka, CA; Chattanooga, TN; New Orleans, LA; and Berkeley, CA. He spent much of the 90′s hopping freight trains around the country and living without electricity in abandoned buildings. For most of 15 years, now, though, he has resided mostly in San Francisco CA.

Since 1991, Lyle has edited Scam, an influential zine that featured personal writing, politics, reports on protest events and interviews with activists and punk bands. He has been a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and a contributor to countless punk zines, including Nosedive, Rice Harvester, Mudflap, Tales of Blarg, Maximum Rock N Roll; and Error, edited by Sam McPheeters. He contributed a story to the literary magazine, Raritan, an essay to the City Lights anthology San Francisco: The Political Edge and the AK Press anthology Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority, edited by Josh Macphee. He has also written and performed several pieces for NPR’s This American Life.

From 1998 to 2003, Lyle worked at the Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco, an experience that informs much of his writing and political belief.

Lyle is also a drummer and guitar player, playing in, by his count, 16 bands that have released 15 records and CD’s since 1991. Currently, Lyle is the drummer of the ONION FLAVORED RINGS and the guitar player for BLACK RAINBOW.

Lyle appears in Greta Snider‘s celebrated film Portland, a tale of three zinesters travelling from San Francisco to Portland who encounter all kinds of unexpected adventures. In 2001, Lyle made his own film, Nostalgia, a short about his trip to Cuba that stars Fidel Castro and the Baltimore Orioles!

Lyle continues to live today in San Francisco." -- taken from

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PO Box 40272 San Francisco, CA 94140 U.S.A.

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