Scam #2

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1005577 Reference only
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Full-size (8.5"x11")

This is the earliest issue we have of Iggy Scam's (aka Erick Lyle) classic zine Scam.

"The first issue of Scam finds Erick Lyle, having recently turned 18, living in a punk house, paying minimal rent and working a crappy job. I hate to overgeneralize, but it's about what people would expect from an 18-year-old who has a crappy job and lives with a bunch of punks. There's lots of how-to style articles on topics like how to scam CD stores by ordering from Columbia House, and writing to companies, complaining about the quality of products you've never tried, to get free food. There's also a ton of short blurb reviews covering everything from the new (in 1991) Screeching Weasel album to Danny Bonaduce. The highlights of this issue are interviews with Sam McPheeters (of Born Against) and Ben Weasel (uh... if you don't know who Ben Weasel is, you can probably stop reading here). The recipe for Ole' (that's “O-lay”) Chickenhead wine doesn't look bad either (it involves frozen orange juice concentrate and a balloon)." -- taken from Bookslut

Hand-written and filled with illustrations and papers taken from day-to-day life. Lyle writes about moving to Miami, stuff to drink in Miami and Miami soda reviews, useful things to say in Spanish ("is the rioting over?"), how not to hitchhike, roadkill recipes, squats that failed, things to do at the University of Miami, getting lost in Little Havana, navigating downtown Miami...pretty much everything about being 18 and living it up in Miami.