How to Cope With Menstrual Problems - A Wholistic Approach: You Don't Have to Live With Them Any More

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This zine provides an academic perspective on self care during mynstrual cycles.  It discusses everything from nutrition, helpful supplements, exercise, herbal/drug therapy, and more.

"Keep a calendar, Nikki Goldbeck advises. Make a chart of daily symptoms, the food you eat, moods and recurrent incidents, and the intricate choreography of your own monthly cycle will become so obvious that you can anticipate trouble as exactly as the procession of hormones that follow each other in your system. There are therapies to choose from, singly or in combination-nutrition, exercises, the body's natural pain relievers such as massage or acupressure, the helpful characteristics of over two dozen herbs and vitamin and mineral supplements. If you learn the facts about your mynstrual problems, you can find the remedies here-and diminish lifelong discomfort, lost time and tension." [1st page of zine]